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Installing a solar power system and staying connected to the grid is clearly the most popular system we install. But did you know that when the power goes out, your solar panels DO NOT provide power to your home? This is because the system is grid-connected, so your system won’t work without mains electricity available (this is done for safety reasons, to protect linesman working on the poles and wires).

Luckily there are a few alternatives these days and technology has become even more advanced in the last few years. Now we can simply install a battery bank and a system called the Selectronic SP Pro to ensure that you always have power, even when everyone else in the street is living in darkness! Some important reasons why the SP Pro hybrid system has become so popular in recent years:

  • Always have power to run your home, even in brown outs or blackouts. It provides constant power supply from the grid and battery bank, which means no interruption in power supply if the grid goes down (only 20ms delay, so even your clocks won’t reset)
  • This SP Pro system will provide either 8kWh of usable power when the power is out (or 16kWh with 2 banks of batteries). To put this into perspective, a large fridge uses around 1.5kWh per day. We can also supply 3 phase systems with up to 80kWh per day for large applications.
  • Ideal for areas where power supply is unstable, or if you need power for life and death situations (CPAP machines etc)
  • Cuts power altogether if the batteries are drained beyond 50%, to prevent the batteries being damaged by excessive discharging
  • Fully programmable, so you can have different settings for summer and winter, or even just weekdays and weekends
  • Ability to run your house on battery power instead of using the grid during the day. You can then charge your batteries from the grid overnight (at the lower off-peak rate).

This last feature will prove to be extremely beneficial in the future, as we are moving to Time of Use metering. Under the Government’s plan, customers will pay more for mains electricity when usage is the highest (typically between 4pm and 8pm). Already in NSW and WA, customers are paying between 45c and 65c per kWh during these ‘shoulder periods’. We can calibrate the system, so it draws your usage from the batteries during these times (for free), then uses cheaper off-peak electricity to recharge the batteries. There are dozens more features included in this system, but these are the most important benefits.


The myGrid system is a full self-contained battery bank, which encloses your entire battery backup system in a neat and tidy design. With the new myGrid Energy Centre, managing your energy is now possible. The myGrid kit is a convenient and simple way to store energy in your solar hybrid (on grid) or off-grid system.

Regardless of whether you have an existing solar system (retro fit) or require a new system, the myGrid Energy Centre can be easily integrated to give you the opportunity to immediately take control of your energy.

The myGrid Energy Centre gives you:

  • Flexibility 8 kWh – 80 kWh total storage
  • Suitable for solar hybrid (on grid) or off grid systems
  • Faster to install than custom solutions
  • Save dollars
  • Easy to use
  • Additional 12 month warranty on SP PRO inverter.
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