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Victorian Feed-in Tariff

Be smarter about how you use your power!

Solar power has never been more affordable! But with changes to the Government Feed-in Tariff, you need to know when to use your power in the home. With a little knowledge, and some minor adjustments to the way you use your power, you can receive a fantastic extra benefit from your solar power investment.

How does the Feed-in Tariff work?

When you produce solar power on your roof, it feeds into your house first. This means that your solar power is literally running the appliances in your home.
If you are producing more power than you are using in your home, that excess power flows into your electricity meter, registering as credit on your bill
This power is credited in your electricity bill, but currently, the rate for this excess power is only 5c to 8c per kiloWatt hour (whereas you are paying around 30c when you buy power from the grid).

How can I make the most of this Feed-in Tariff?

There are a couple of very important ways to enhance the benefit of your solar power system:

  • Make sure you use as much power as possible during the day (while the sun is shining). This means if you are producing power on your roof for free, and using that power in the house at the same time, you won’t be buying power at all. This means your solar power is effectively worth about 30c per kWh to you. Heating and cooling, dishwashing, clothes drying can all be done during sunlight hours, at roughly 1/3 of the price!
  • Installing your solar power system on the East and West roof might also make more sense. This means you will generate more of your power in the early morning and late afternoon, which is when you would use most of your power anyway. It gives you a much better chance of using the power at the time you are producing it.
  • Choose a solar power provider that knows their stuff! Tapping into our many years of experience can provide far greater benefits from your solar power investment. For the same amount of outlay, we have shown that we can provide an extra 15% saving on your bill, just by showing you a few tips like the ones above.

Speak to one of our solar power experts for more information.

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