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LG is one of the world’s largest and most trusted solar brands. LG’s premium solar panels are produced in a state-of-of the-art factory in Korea (in the same facility as the global LG electronics brand), where the production line is fully automated. If you are looking for a truly cutting edge solar panel with a genuine performance advantage, look no further!

LG solar panels are widely acknowledged as the most efficient panel in the world. They have won the Intersolar award for 3 of the last 4 years, with several technology advances that other companies are struggling to keep up with.

Some of the key benefits are:

  • Proven field performance – Independent monitoring shows that LG panels are consistently performing better than any other brand
  • More power per square metre – LG panels are similar in size to conventional 260W panels, but LG’s 320W panels deliver 22% more electricity per square metre. This will become increasingly important as battery storage becomes more common, as you only have limited roof space and you need to maximise it.
  • Appearance – LG’s all black cell, and black frame will blend seamlessly into your roof. They are ideal for aesthetics, where the look of the system on the roof is critical.
  • Strength – When it comes to wind forces, most competitor modules are certified to 2400 Pascals. LG modules, with their strong, double walled frame and screwed corners and are certified to more than double that, at 5400 Pascals. That’s equivalent to 335 kph!
  • Performance – LG solar panels are specifically designed to work more efficiently in low-light and high temperature. Ask us for some results to prove it!
  • Additional certification – LG Mono X® 2 panels have received additional certification including for salt mist corrosion, which is great news for coastal installations.


Our monitoring data keeps showing that LG solar panels produce more electricity in all weather conditions.

Don’t just take our word for it. Check out an independent analysis by the solar industry gurus at Roof Juice. You can read the full report here, but below is a brief summary of the LG difference:

  • Instead of just two or three connections on and between the cells, LG uses twelve. This means more power, less losses and more efficient collection of electrons.
  • Secondly, they redesigned the interconnection on the surface of the cell (called “tabbing or “ribbons”) so they can absorb more light.
  • Thirdly, they make the back of the cell light absorbent too. Light can be reflected around the cell and reflected onto the back and front, improving performance.
  • Fourth, all solar cells degrade over time. The use of 12 interconnections means that degradation induced effects are minimised and more energy is collected, despite the gradual decline in performance over time.
  • Fifth, they virtually eliminated Light Induced Degradation (LID) which is a natural phenomenon in all solar panels. LG have virtually eliminated the “Boron/Oxygen pair” within the cells which is one of the leading causes of LID.
  • Sixth, the result of many of these subtle improvements is that under low light and high temperature conditions, performance is better than conventional cells.

When you choose LG and Gippsland Solar, you are choosing the most advanced solar panel on the market, and a local company that will be around to support you in the years to come.


Much less than you would expect! We are importing these panels direct from LG, which is a huge step forward for Gippsland Solar. It means we can cut out the middle-man and deliver this premium product, from a respected international brand direct to Gippslanders without increasing our prices.

Not only are we now offering LG solar panels for a small price premium, but they offer several advantages that other solar panels just can’t compete with. In some situations, LG solar panels are simply the only option.


As we touched on earlier, LG solar panels are able to offer more power per square metre. For commercial installations, or homes with limited roof space, we can offer you a solution that no one else can compete with. In the medium term,  maximising your roof area with the most efficient solar panel is your best option.


The solar industry is full of cheap systems, where the sole selling point is the lowest price per kW installed. But in the last few years, consumers are starting to wake up to this false economy. As industry guru and friend Nigel Morris says, ‘Cheap solar is dumb solar”.

If you think about this system being installed on your roof for the next 20+ years, you start to understand that you are not simply buying a 5kW system, you are buying energy. So when you take the extra ‘cost’ of installing a quality product, and average it out over tens of thousands of kWh’s, you can see the value in a quality solar panel.

For more information, fill in our enquiry form, and a team member will be in touch promptly.

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