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Why install solar power on your home?


  1. Protect yourself from rising electricity costs
  2. Add value to your home
  3. Minimise your impact on the environment
  4. Save $$$ by feeding into the grid
  5. Take advantage of government rebates while they last

Solar powering your home makes sense. Reduce your electricity bills, lock in your electricity rates for 20+ years, and add value to your home.

1. Protect yourself from rising electricity costs

Solar panels have a guaranteed performance for 25 years. Your system will keep producing almost same amount of power every year (slowly dropping to 80% output over 25 years), but as the price of electricity goes up in the future, the value of that solar power will rise with it.

For example, if you produce 6000kWh’s of solar per year, it might be worth $1,800 per year (at the current rate of 30c per kWh). But in five years, if the price of mains electricity is 50c per kWh, that power might be worth $3,000 per year!

This is a great reason why solar power is such a stable investment. The only risk to your investment is

A) the price of electricity going down (not likely!), or
B) your solar power equipment failing outside of its warranty (which is why we only supply premium quality, proven components).

Bear in mind, the figures quoted only apply when you use your power during sunlight hours, because the solar panels are running your appliances. If you feed excess solar power into the grid, you will currently be paid 6c or 8c per kWh with the Victorian Feed-in Tariff. We can show you a number of ways to take advantage of your solar power system and achieve the maximum benefits from the system.

2. Add value to your home

There are many ways to improve the value of your home. But a lot of these improvements might not actually add much value, or only to the right buyer.

Installing solar power on your home is a real way to add value to your home, because it has a guaranteed rate of return for the life of the system. Regardless of who might buy your home in the future, installing solar panels (which have a guaranteed power output per year) can be advertised with a real financial benefit to the next owner.

And with a 25 year performance warranty on the panels, it will give any potential buyer a guaranteed benefit into the future.

3. Minimise your impact on the environment

The environmental benefits of solar power are clear to most people, but it is still something that gets overlooked, in the constant discussions about cost and pricing. Solar power is silent, has no moving parts, and will sit passively on your roof for the next 25+ years, generating free electricity to run your appliances. It is still the most environmentally friendly way to generate electricity and the power you aren’t using will then run your neighbour’s homes!

There are now over one million Australian homes with solar power, which is now generating a significant amount of clean energy into the national grid. Perhaps the greatest benefit of solar power is the time of day that it works most effectively. On a warm sunny day in summer, solar panels are producing their maximum amount of electricity during the hours of 8am and 7pm. This is almost exactly the same time that the demand on the grid is highest, with offices and homes running air conditioners, and fridges/freezers working hardest.

Solar power may not be able to provide base load power (at this stage), but it reduces our reliance on ‘peak-load’ power stations, which are the most environmentally damaging power stations in Australia. With battery storage (and other forms of storage) rapidly becoming more affordable, it is only a matter of time before renewable energy can provide a significant amount of electricity around the clock.

4. Save $$$ by feeding power into the grid

The Victorian Feed-in Tariff is a scheme that pays you for your excess solar power. While the feed-in tariff has dropped significantly in the last few years, a large domestic system can still generate substantial credit during the Summer period.

The feed-in tariff is currently between 5.2c and 10c per kWh (we can help you shop around for a good deal), and some solar-friendly electricity retailers are offering feed-in tariffs of up to 15c per kWh! This means that if you are away or on holidays, your excess solar power will generate credit on your bill.

These credits will pay off your service and supply charges and after that you can receive bills in credit. These credits can be applied to your gas bill, saved for a rainy day, or paid back to you as a refund.

Click here to learn more about the Victorian Feed-in Tariff, and how to make the most of this scheme.

5. Take advantage of government rebates while they last

It is well documented that the government has wound back rebates and incentives in the last few years. But many people don’t realise that there are still very generous rebates on offer, through the Solar Credits program. This allows you to claim a certain amount of ‘certificates’ for the clean energy your system will produce in the future. These ‘certificates’ can be traded with Gippsland Solar for a system discount and we will claim them back later.

Currently the ‘rebate’ on a 4.5kW system is nearly $3,000! This value is always changing with market conditions, so speak to us for more information.


The Solar Credits scheme currently provides rebates of up to $4,000 on a solar power system. But the rebate scheme is being reduced from the end of 2016, meaning you will pay a few hundred dollars more for a system in 2017. The rebate continues to be wound back every year until it reaches zero in 2030.

The good news is that system prices have never been lower. The price of a system has fallen by around 40% in the last two years alone! Combined with the rebate still at maximum levels until the end of the year, it is a great time to invest in a Solar Power system. And with the rising cost of electricity, the value of your solar power will continue to rise, well after the system has already paid for itself.

Systems start at around $3,500 after rebates, and this system will add significant value to your home. When you factor in the rising cost of electricity, and the reduced price of a system, solar power is a very wise investment indeed.


The last few years has seen some incredible advances in solar and energy management technology. All of these changes have big implications for you, the consumer, as you look for a system that will be compatible with future developments.

At Gippsland Solar, we are at the cutting edge of the industry. We drive a Tesla electric vehicle, powered by lithium battery storage. The electric vehicle is recharged by solar electricity on our Latrobe Valley and South Gippsland showrooms. We also have a Tesla electric vehicle charging station at our Traralgon showroom, powered by solar and batteries, and available to the public for recharge 24/7 (at no cost to the owner). We install the latest energy management systems for our clients, using excess solar power to heat water, run a ducted air conditioner, or a load of washing, instead of feeding into the grid for a minimal rate. Some of these extra features cost very little to install, they simply rely on the knowledge and experience of our team to save you more on your electricity bills.

With the Solar Power industry changing so quickly, it is important to choose a solar power provider that is on top of the game. In the last 6 months, the way we recommend and install Solar Power has been turned on its head. Some of the key changes are:

  • EFFICIENCY. Solar panel efficiency is improving dramatically. A high quality solar panel was around 250Watt until recently. Now we are seeing some of the premium brands like LG and Sunpower bring out 300, 320, 340 and even 365Watt panels!  This has big implications for the way we design and recommend our systems.
  • PRICE. The cost of a solar panel has fallen dramatically over the last 4 years. It appeared the prices had stabilised somewhat, but now we are seeing more significant reductions in solar panel pricing. This means that instead of undersizing your system (to avoid feeding excess into the grid for a minimal rate), it can make sense to oversize your system by 10-20%. This will ensure your system can still produce enough power to meet your needs in Winter, without requiring too much extra investment.
  • BATTERY STORAGE. The price of adding battery storage to your solar power system has fallen by as much as 60% in the last 12 months. While it still doesn’t make purely financial sense for most of our clients, clearly it will become financially viable in the next 1-2 years. It is CRITICAL to install the right system now, so you can keep your options open for battery storage in the future.
  • MAXIMISE YOUR ROOF AREA. With battery storage, energy management and even electric vehicles becoming mainstream in the future. your roof will become a precious resource! As the price (and efficiency) of solar panels improve every year, it will be important to be able to utilise your North facing (and also East/West) roof area. Install the most efficient products now, and preserve your roof space for future improvements in solar technology.

Why choose Gippsland Solar?

  • Known, trusted and respected
  • Installers with over 30 years combined experience
  • Directing a percentage of sales back into the local community
  • Using local installers at every opportunity
  • Supplying only the best brands, with a proven track record for quality

Call now for a FREE in-home quotation – 1300 GIP SOL (447 765) OR ENQUIRE BY EMAIL HERE

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